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Clear Surgical Plastic 16G Cartilage Retainer - 3 Pack - Body Art

Keep piercings discreet for those certain occasions with clear cartilage piercing retainers! Set of ..


Gold Anodized Surgical Steel 16G Imitation Opal Cartilage Stud - Body Art

Add a tiny splash of color to your ensemble with this gold anodized surgical steel cartilage stud, w..


Pastel Anodized Surgical Steel 16G Cartilage Stud - 3 Pack - Body Art

A trio of pastel anodized surgical steel cartilage studs adds style and fun to your look. Featuring ..


Surgical Steel 16G Aurora Crystal Star Cartilage Stud - Body Art

Add the perfect dash of sparkle and charm to your look with this 16G surgical steel cartilage stud, ..


Surgical Steel 16G Cartilage Stud with Pointed Round Light Pink Crystal - Body Art

Adorable 16G cartilage stud features a pointed pink crystal accent, making a darling addition to any..